AFA EXCO 2023-2025

From left; Koo Chen Theng, Anuar bin Shuib, Ian Khor Jin Heng, John Chan Ninyii, Mohamad Idham, Ethan Teh Eng Teck & Yap Ming Hui

John Chan Ninyii and Mohamad Idham have been elected as President and Vice President of the Association respectively. 

The other EXCO line up:

  • Secretary: Ian Khor Jin Heng 
  • Assistant Secretary: Anuar bin Shuib 
  • Treasurer: Ethan Teh Eng Teck 
  • Committee Members: Yap Ming Hui & Koo Chen Theng


Effective immediately, the newly-elected office bearers will assume responsibility in continuing their capacities, and to cultivate a stronger and more effective relationship to achieve the mission of the Association